Your Oral Health is in Good Hands

Smile Builder is the leading Dental Clinic in Riverside — and we’ve been managing our patients’ health at this location since 2007. We offer proactive, quality healthcare in a safe and comfortable environment. At Smile Builder, your oral health is our number one priority.



Building A Better Smile

As one of the Riverside area’s most prominent resources for quality oral healthcare, Smile Builder specializes in a wide range of medical services to get patients feeling healthier than ever before. And while we work hard to offer top-of-the-line treatments that help you feel better and get better, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure you stay better for longer.

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Looking for the perfect smile?

At Smile Builder, scheduling Treatment for Braces has become simpler than ever before. Our personalized Orthodontic treatments provide patients with the resources they need to get their oral health on track — you’ll leave our clinic well informed and confident that your oral health is in good hands. Get in touch and schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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A Happier, Healthier You

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy! At Smile Builder, our friendly and experienced staff will make sure you always feel comfortable and well-informed. Schedule your cosmetic treatment today for the whole family and see how our team of qualified professionals can get you or your loved ones feeling great.

Dental Surgery


Precision and Strength

If you’re looking for quality Implants, then Smile Builder is the Dental Clinic for you. Our professional team is here to guide our patients and their families every step of the way. Stop by and schedule an appointment to experience first hand how our Implants can help your health today.

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Get The Perfect Fit

We at Smile Builder, strive to provide patients with healthy smiles. We understand the importance of living life with a healthy attitude and we are here to help you achieve that. You can smile confidently with the help of our professional team. Schedule an appointment today!


Get to Know Us a Bit Better

At Smile Builder, we’re committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional care in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Located in Riverside, Smile Builder is known to be the best Dental Clinic in the area. We believe that our patients deserve the best care, and we make an effort to make sure you always feel welcome and at ease.
Whether you’re coming in for a simple checkup or a more complex treatment regimen, our dedicated team of health practitioners has the skills and resources to manage all your health needs. We can’t wait to help you feel better today.



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